Volume 6 Number 1

Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Published June 2006

Greetings and welcome to the sixth volume of Didache: Faithful Teaching. This edition provides an interesting blend of contemporary culture and educational reflection. The research section is dedicated to a Wesleyan engagement with contemporary culture. Normally, “cross-cultural” implies a shift across world regions or ethnic perspectives. However, theorists are beginning to recognize that cultural analysis often begins at “home” (or in this case in Western culture…the one cultural perspective often overlooked in cultural analysis). My apologies to our readership in non-western settings, this edition may seem more like Eurocentric navel-gazing… but with good reason. The advent of a “postmodern perspective” (which the journal has addressed in previous editions) in larger evangelical settings invites the journal to take another look at this phenomena, including recent developments in popular culture.

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Table of Contents

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default Editor Introduction (28 KB)

Research Section

default Paul and the Athenians: Articulating the Gospel in a Pluralistic (160 KB)  World by Dean Flemming

default Paul and the Corinthians: A Response to Dean Flemming (36 KB) , by Kent Brower

default Emerging Ecclesiology: Preliminary observations of horizon churches in a postmodern world (112 KB)  by Dean G. Blevins

default What the postmodern/Emergents can learn from Wesley (67 KB)  by Deirdre Brower Latz

default Fact, Fiction and Faith: Making Sense of The Da Vinci Code (51 KB)  by Brannon Hancock

default What’s So New about The Gospel of Judas (60 KB)  by Mark Bilby

Insights into Practice

default Critical Approaches - Education for Change and Transformation within the Church (55 KB)  by Ruth Reynard

default Using Story as a Transformational Device (38 KB)  by Lori Niles

default On Unifying Faith and Learning (44 KB)  by John W. Hawthorne

default A European Philosophy of Congregational Education (94 KB)  by Edwin de Jong

default The Particularity of Christian Vocation (62 KB)  by Josh Sweeden

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