Volume 2 Number 1

Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Published June 2002

Greetings as we begin our second year of publication with Didache: Faithful Teaching.

This edition offers a broad range of educational as well as theological writings. With so many of our writers dedicated to the Global Theology Conference in Guatemala this time, we thought this edition might offer a bit more on cultural influences and education. Our section on “Insights into Educational Practice” may be a misnomer since the articles include excellent research concerning shifts in educational theory.

See the link below to read the remainder of the editor's introduction

default From the Editor (12 KB)

Research Section

default Being Holy is Being Christlike (87 KB) * By David B. McEwan

default Communicating Holiness to the Filipinos (81 KB) * By Jason V. Hallig

default Filipinas and the Church: The Recovery of Egalitarian Leadership (62 KB)  By Cynthia Datu

default Hindu Fundamentalism and Christian Response in India (83 KB)  By Shadakshari T.K.

default Turning to the East (72 KB) ** By Roy Stults

Insights into Practice

default Liberal Arts and the Priorities of Nazarene Higher Education (35 KB)  By J. Matthew Price

default Outcome Based Education (57 KB)  By Linda Alexander

default Outcome–Based Ministerial Preparation (73 KB) —A Case Study By Michael E. Vail

default Barriers to Student Persistence in Higher Education (40 KB)  By Charles Tillman, Sr.

Special Notes

* Courtesy The Challenge of Culture: Articulating and Proclaiming Wesleyan—Holiness Message in the Asia Pacific Region ed. David A. Ackerman

** Courtesy European Explorations in Christian Holiness: On Original Sin, ed. Dwight D. Swanson

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