Volume 5 Number 2

Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Published January 2006

Greetings and welcome to Didache: Faithful Teaching Vol. 5 no 2. This edition begins with an exploration of a “non-formal” but essential aspect of discipleship, the practice of worship and sacrament.

See the link below to read the remainder of the editor's introduction

default From the Editor (11 KB)

Research Section

default Eucharistic Ecclesiology: A Community of Joyful Brokeness (73 KB)  By Brent Peterson

default Recovering the Efficacy of the Ritual of Instantaneous Entire Sanctification through Worship that Emphasizes Embodiment (91 KB)  By Paul R. George, Jr.

default An Ethnographic Study: Reflecting John Wesley’s Theology and Educational Ministry Practices in Nazarene Congregations (288 KB)  By Mark Maddix

default Christian Identity: What does it mean to be an Evangelical? (188 KB)  By Ramón A. Sierra

Insights into Practice

default The Flaws of Fundamentalism in an Urban World (52 KB)  By Fletcher Tink

default The Role of Paradox: Abraham’s Religious Idea for Peace in the Battle of Ideas (104 KB)  By L. Bryan Williams, Ph.D.

Student Papers

default An Exegetical Study of Peter’s Understanding on Christian Suffering in 1 Peter 4:12-19 (97 KB)  By Jillian Kerr

default The Army of God: Reclaiming a Military Model of the Church for the 21st Century (134 KB)  By Brian Mackey

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