Volume 12 Number 1

Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Editor's Introduction (Summer 2012)

Greetings and welcome to this edition of Didache: Faithful Teaching, a journal dedicated to exploring the intersections of Wesleyan theology, education, and culture in a global setting. This edition begins twelve years of online publication. We are fortunate to have an excellent blend of senior faculty publications alongside grounded student research. The edition definitely reflects a theological nature, with strong global overtones around themes of moral theology and justice. As in the last edition, I am definitely indebted to our new global editorial team, in particular to Deirdre Brower Latz who also deserves our congratulations as the new Principal of Nazarene Theological College, Manchester. Alongside Deirdre’s encouragement, I have to also express appreciation to both Dwight Swanson and Roger Hahn who agreed (and encouraged) our publications of recent efforts by students and colleagues at both NTC Manchester and Nazarene Theological Seminary. In addition I owe a debt to Dr. Edwin Robinson who contacted me about the good work of a current colleague at Northwest Nazarene University, Dr. Dan Lawrence. Collectively these friends of the journal (whom I am privileged to count as personal friends) provided the type of needed input and suggestions that historically have maintained the flow of quality articles we experience through Didache: Faithful Teaching

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Papers are in PDF format which requires Adobe Reader. Click title link to open PDF file.

  default Didache V12n1 00 Introduction Blevins (184 KB)  Dean G. Blevins

Table of Contents

default Andrew Shanks’ Hegelian Christology: (394 KB)  Andrew Brower Latz, University of Durham and Nazarene Theological College, Manchester.

default Ministerial Attrition: When Clergy Call it Quits, the Relationship of Superintendents and Pastors: (234 KB)  Jeren L. Rowell, Ed.D. District Superintendent, Kansas City District

default Collective Impact: (522 KB)  David Wesley, Nazarene Theological Seminary.

default Christus Victor: A Wesleyan Appraisal of Sub-Saharan Power Christology: (165 KB)  James Gregory Crofford, Ph.D. Director, Institut Théologique Nazaréen, Africa Region, Church of the Nazarene

NTC Manchester: African Theological Symposium (with thanks to Dr. Dwight Swanson):
default Faith-Based Diplomacy, A Window of Opportunity for the Development of an African Political Theology: (224 KB)  Richard M. Benda; Ph.D. Candidate, University of Manchester

default African Worldview and Christian Pneumatology: Divergences and Convergences: (323 KB)  Lord Elorm-Donkor

default Aspects of Ubuntu for Biblical Studies: (197 KB)  Musa Kuene, St. Helen’s Church of the Nazarene

default African Thoughts on Land in an Age of Ecological Crisis: (250 KB)  Joseph Kisoi Masika

Nazarene Theological Seminary Tom Nees Social Justice Award Recipients 2011 &2012 (with thanks to Dr. Roger Hahn):
default Social Justice: A Manifesto of the Missio Dei: (133 KB)  Joseph M. Goodwin, Nazarene Theological Seminary

default Following God’s Call: Seeing the Neglected and Oppressed: (195 KB)  Cassandra Lara, Nazarene Theological Seminary

default Personal Holiness as the Source of Christian Social Justice: A Case Study of Holiness and Hospitality in the Life of Abba Macarius the Egyptian: (273 KB)  Jonathan Sutter, Nazarene Theological Seminary

Closing Faculty Reflection:
default An Open Letter to Graduating Science (and Non-science) Students at Nazarene Colleges and Universities: (168 KB)  Dan Lawrence, Northwest Nazarene University

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