Volume 13 Number 1

Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Editor's Introduction (Summer 2013)

Greetings and welcome to our thirteenth edition of Didache: Faithful Teaching. This summer volume includes articles that represent our diverse interest in Wesleyan theology, education, and culture that serves a global setting. The edition incorporates official denominational reports, personal yet theologically grounded research on worship and mission, observations around Hispanic culture and ministry, the advance of massive, online, courses in education, a Trinitarian view of justice, and the thought of John Wesley. This range of research and reflection mark the differing themes and ideas that potentially shape Wesleyan higher education today.  We open with a statement commissioned by the Board of General Superintendents for the Church of the Nazarene, one that began about four years ago in response to proposed changes in the denomination’s Articles of Faith at their General Assembly. Rather than enact the proposed changes, the Superintendents ask a group of scholars, pastors, and educators to discuss the merits of change (to more conservative statements on scripture and the atonement); and also recommend action by this summer’s General Assembly. While academic journals do not normally publish these types of reports, the range of scholarship, and the potential impact of subsequent actions, seemed to warrant our publication. Often theological education hinges on responding to larger global concerns like our understanding of the sources of revelation and authority, as well as our position on the efficacy of salvation for people. While couched in denominational polity language, the core of the report should prove interesting for those in a Wesleyan setting. My thanks to General Secretary David Wilson for allowing publication as well as to Dr. Tom King and Dr. Tom Noble who invested a lot in the final edition of this report.

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default Introduction (75 KB) ; Dean G. Blevins, Nazarene Theological Seminary

Table of Contents

default Report of the Scripture Study Committee to the Twenty-Eighth General Assembly, Church of the Nazarene (181 KB) , Thomas King, Chairperson, Alexander Varughese, Secretary

default The Sanctification of Time: The Formative Potential of the Christian Year (167 KB) ; Dirk R. Ellis, Grace Chapel Church of the Nazarene

default The Holiness Foundation of Mission (125 KB) ; Eric Vail, Mount Vernon Nazarene University

default Inter-Church and Community Relationships (231 KB) ; Debora Berhó, George Fox University

default MOOCs: Are they worth the Hype? (125 KB)  Timothy Wooster, Provost, Eastern Nazarene College

default The Trinity, Social Justice, and the Missio Dei: A Trinitarian Construal of Agency, Treating Social Justice as Paradigmatic of Christian Action (184 KB) ; Jonathan Platter, Nazarene Theological Seminary, Student Recipient of the Tom Nees Social Justice Award

default Review of Thomas C. Oden, John Wesley’s Teachings, Vols 1-3, Zondervan, 2012 (72 KB) ; T. A. Noble, Nazarene Theological Seminary







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