Volume 3 Number 2

Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Published January 2004

Greetings and welcome to Didache: Faithful Teaching. A growing number of international theology conferences provide a rich resource for Didache. Two such conferences, one for the Asia Pacific region and the other for the Africa region, are highlighted in this edition.

See the link below to read the remainder of the editor's introduction

default From the Editor (21 KB)

Research Section

default Introduction to the Doctrine of Creation in its Historical Development: Excerpted from participating in God: Trinity and Creation (78 KB)  By Samuel M. Powell

default Lessons from the History of Higher Education in the Church of the Nazarene (57 KB)  By Rodney L. Reed

default How Can We Order Our Economic Practices in the Church in Such a Way That We Give Testimony with Power to the Holiness Message? (40 KB)  By Filimao Chambo

default The “Khit-Pen” Theological Educational Model: A New Methodology for Contextualizing Theological Education in Thailand (347 KB)  By Daniel Saengwichai

default Philosophy of Religion in the Wesleyan/Holiness Tradition (28 KB)  By Thomas Jay Oord

Insights into Practice

default Pedagogical Parochialism: Toward a More Ecumenical Integration of Faith and Learning (41 KB)  By Frank E. Johnson

default Teaching with Faith Crisis: A Summary of “On the Necessity of Crisis,” (76 KB)  By Philip L. Tite

What’s Faith Got To Do With It?: Responses to “Teaching with Faith Crisis,” Responses by:

default When the Bull Stops Bellowing: Hope for African Theologians and Educators of the Church of the Nazarene in Africa (24 KB)  By Patrick Thomas

default Inaugural Address: With Roots and Branches, Isaiah 27:6, Mark 4:30-32 (44 KB)  By Hitoshi (Paul) Fukue

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